The Common Failures On The Sub Zero Refrigerators

Choosing a Sub-Zero refrigerator for your kitchen is both a smart and prudent choice. The Sub Zero refrigerator is regarded as one of the most advanced choices when it comes to refrigeration technology and they have been on the leading spot for over 70 years. Each unit of the refrigerator undergoes vigorous testing before it is shipped out to the consumer thus limiting the chances of breakdown and repair needs. However, similar to all electrical appliances in the home, chances are the appliance may exhibit some common problems which may require you to call a Sub Zero refrigerator repair service. While some of these common problems fall under the quick fix category, others may require that you reach out to a professional repair technician for proper attention.

Below are some of the common failures you are most likely to notice on the Sub Zero Refrigerators.

#1 – Vacuum condenser light is on.

When the vacuum condenser light is activated, this simply means that your refrigerator’s condenser has been actively serving you for a period of 24 hours straight. While the time of activity may not be a problem, a more worrisome reason why you should pay attention to this light is that it is an indication that the refrigerator is working harder than it should keep its content cool.
When the light comes on, the first line of action is to check the cleanliness of the condenser coils. If the coils are dirty, chances are that this may be the source of the problem. It is recommended that you perform a thorough cleaning of the coils twice a year, that is, once every six months. You should clean the coils more frequently if you have pets in the home.
If the refrigerator coils are clean, another suspected possibility is that the evaporator coils may have developed tiny holes leading to leakage of Freon. You may need the services of a Seattle appliance repair technician to get this sorted out.

#2 – Failure to cool items

If your Sub Zero refrigerator fails to cool the items contained in it, chances are high that this may cause you to panic. However, it is important to note that the Sub Zero refrigerator has two compressors which means that each section, the refrigerator, and the freezer, have dedicated compressors.
If one side of the compartments is failing to cool its content, chances are that there may be a problem with the compressor.

Generally, problems with cooling may be caused by;

  • Failure of the condenser fan motor
  • Failure of the evaporator fan motor
  • Faulty start relay

Seek out a professional Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair expert to look into this for proper diagnosis.

#3 – Refrigerator leaking water

If your Sub Zero refrigerator begins to leak water, there are several reasons why this may have happened including clogged or frozen defrost drain. In the case of a frozen or clogged drain, attempt to thaw the ice or clear out the debris contained in the drain by flushing with hot water.

Other common causes of this problem include;

  • Cracked water filter housing
  • Faulty water inlet valve
  • Leaky water tank assembly

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