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Nortech TV & Appliance Repair is a best-in-class Seattle appliance repair company Washington and the greater Puget Sound area. We offer fast and affordable appliance service that accommodates your busy schedule. We are the best appliance service to call when your appliances are in need of a repair.


Trusted Seattle Appliance Repair Company For Over 30 Years

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Nortech TV & Appliance Repair specializes in delivering prompt, friendly, and expert Seattle appliance service. We are a family-owned business serving the greater Seattle metropolitan area with appliance service since 1989.

Whether your appliances have stopped running or is in need general maintenance, we’re the local Seattle appliance repair service to call! In addition to years of industry-experience, we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured in repair services.

We have dedicated Seattle area appliance repair specialists to tackle any job.

Seattle Appliance Service

Refrigerator Repair

Oven/Range Repair

Dishwasher Repair

Washer/Dryer Repair

Major Appliance Repair in Seattle For All Makes/Models

Our team of Seattle appliance repair specialists have been providing reliable and efficient repair service to our clients for many years. We have a wealth of experience working with a wide range of appliance brands and models, from household names to niche appliance manufacturers. Regardless of the complexity of the appliance repair required, our Seattle appliance service specialists are well-equipped to handle and service any challenge.

We Service All Major Appliance Brands

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Honest and Friendly Appliance Repair Service Serving Seattle, Washington

There’s nothing more frustrating than when an appliance that we depend on every day stops working. We provide appliance repairs in Seattle Washington. Get your appliance repaired on-time and within budget while providing you with honest and friendly service. Our experienced Seattle appliance service technicians make sure that every job is done properly.

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Local Seattle Appliance Repair Technicians

Our licensed Seattle appliance service technicians undergo regular training to ensure we’re up to speed on new repair methods, techniques, and to deliver the best services to you, our local Seattle-area customers!

Our Seattle appliance service technicians are

  • Honest and will provide you with a detailed assessment of what’s wrong with your appliances
  • Well-versed in appliance repair, updating, maintenance, and appliance part replacements
  • Experienced working with the leading appliance manufactures
  • Trained in servicing all appliances, to ensure the job’s done right

We work to ensure your appliances are properly serviced, without trying to oversell you on repairs which aren’t necessary. Additionally, if we can repair it, or replace a part, we’re not going to try to tell you that you need to replace the appliance, simply to make more money off of you. With years of experience in the appliance service industry, and a dedicated customer base in the Seattle WA area, our appliance repair specialists can perform any and all appliance repairs in your home or business.

Whether your appliance has stopped operating efficiently, or have stopped working all together, it’s time to hire a trusted Seattle appliance service company for the job. This is where we come in! Call us today for a free quote and to have our appliance repair technicians come out to your Seattle home or business and assess the problems.

We understand you need your appliance your operate properly and efficiently. If they’re not, you should call our Seattle appliance service center for fast, reliable appliance service!


We’re a leading Seattle area appliance repair team that guarantees our services, your satisfaction, and affordable pricing, for any and all appliance repair service you call use to perform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nortech TV & Appliance Repair offers comprehensive Seattle appliance repair services, including refrigerator repair, washing machine and dryer repair, and gas appliance repair.
In addition to the mentioned services, Nortech TV & Appliance Repair also specializes in servicing a wide variety of televisions. Our appliance service team of highly experienced appliance repair technicians are trained to diagnose and resolve any issues, ensuring your viewing experience is uninterrupted. Furthermore, Nortech TV & Appliance Repair understands the importance of your home appliances which is why we aim to provide prompt and efficient service. With Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, you can expect quality appliance service at affordable rates, ensuring your appliances are always functioning at their best.

We service a wide range of major appliance brands, including Sub-Zero, Bluestar, Thermador, KitchenAid, Viking, Samsung, LG, GE, Wolf, Dacor, JennAir, Kenmore, Miele, and other appliance brands. Nortech TV & Appliance Repair takes pride in its broad expertise across several major appliance brands. Whether your Sub-Zero refrigerator isn't cooling properly or your Miele dishwasher isn't effectively cleaning your dishes, our appliance service team has the knowledge and experience to address and repair the issue promptly and effectively, minimizing the disruption to your daily routine.

Yes, we do repair commercial appliances alongside residential ones.

Nortech TV & Appliance Repair is not just confined to providing Seattle appliance repair services for residential appliances. We understand that for businesses, time is money and a malfunctioning appliance can cause significant disruptions to your operations. Therefore, we also specialize in the repair of commercial appliances.

We service a vast array of commercial appliances including commercial refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and laundry machines from a wide range of popular appliance brands. Our appliance service technicians are equipped with the tools and expertise to handle the unique challenges presented by these heavy-duty appliances. Whether it's a high-capacity refrigerator at a restaurant that's not cooling properly or a laundromat dryer that's not heating, our appliance service team is ready to repair the problem and get your business back on track as soon as possible.

We aim to provide quick, reliable, and efficient appliance service, minimizing the downtime of your business operations. With Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, you can rest assured that your commercial appliance is in the capable hands of industry service professionals. 

Nortech TV & Appliance Repair is committed to providing high-quality service that not only fixes the immediate issue but also prevents future problems, thereby extending the lifespan of your appliance and offering excellent value for your money.

Our Seattle team of expert appliance service technicians has extensive experience and knowledge in repairing all types of appliances.

Each of our appliance service technicians at Nortech TV & Appliance Repair undergoes rigorous training to understand the intricacies of both residential and commercial appliances. They have hands-on experience with a wide range of appliance make and models, ensuring that they can swiftly diagnose and repair any issue. Our appliance service team is well-versed with the latest technology and stays updated with the newest market releases, allowing them to handle even the most modern appliance repairs with ease.

In addition to their technical prowess, our repair service technicians understand the importance of customer service. They ensure minimal disruption to your home or business during the appliance repair process, maintaining a clean work environment and respecting your space. Our Seattle team also prioritizes open communication, keeping you informed about the appliance repair process, potential costs, and preventative measures for the future.

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, we believe that our service team's experience and dedication are the foundation of our exceptional appliance service. We take pride in their ability to deliver reliable Seattle appliance repair service that stand the test of time.

The price of our appliance repair service varies depending on the issue and the type of appliance service. We will provide an estimate before starting any appliance service.

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, we're committed to transparency in relation to cost. While it's true that the cost of appliance repairs can vary based on the nature of the issue and type of appliance, we always ensure to provide a comprehensive estimate before commencing any appliance repair work. This repair estimate will cover the cost of labor, any parts that need to be replaced, and other associated costs.

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair our goal is to offer high-quality appliance repair services at competitive rates, ensuring optimal functionality of your appliances without causing a strain on your budget. We firmly believe in providing value for money, which is why we only use top-quality appliance parts and employ industry best practices during our appliance repair work. Our repair service team is skilled at efficiently diagnosing and repairing issues, which further helps to keep your appliance repair costs down. Plus, we stand by the quality of our appliance service, offering a guarantee on all repairs to give you complete peace of mind.

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair we invite you to contact us for a detailed breakdown of potential costs for your specific appliance repair needs. Rest assured, with Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, there are no hidden charges, only honest and fair pricing.

Yes, we offer emergency appliance service in Seattle for those unexpected appliance failures.

We understand that our clients may need urgent assistance when an appliance fails suddenly and disrupts their daily routines. Our emergency appliance services are designed to address such situations promptly and efficiently. Upon receiving your call, our repair service team will arrive at your location as quickly as possible, armed with the tools and expertise required to diagnose and repair the problem. We offer emergency service for a wide range of appliances including refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, and more.

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair our emergency services are not confined to conventional business hours. We are available around the clock, because we know that an appliance malfunction can happen at any time. Whether it's an unresponsive refrigerator in the early hours of the morning, or a malfunctioning oven during a weekend family dinner, you can count on us to be there when you need us the most. We pride ourselves on our quick response times and our ability to provide effective, long-lasting appliance repair solutions. Your satisfaction are our topmost priority. So, the next time you're facing an unexpected appliance failure, don't hesitate to reach out to us. At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, we're always ready to help.

Nortech TV & Appliance Repair is proud to serve the greater Seattle area, including the surrounding Puget Sound region. Our appliance repair service area is expansive, including but not limited to King County, Pierce County, and Snohomish County. Whether you're located in the heart of downtown Seattle or in one of the many picturesque communities that dot the Puget Sound coastline, you can rest assured that our skilled and dedicated team of appliance repair professionals is ready and able to attend to your appliance repair needs.

Regardless of your location, you can expect the same high level of quality and professionalism that has become our trademark. Our appliance service team is equipped and ready to handle any appliance-related challenge you may be facing, ensuring that your household or business continues to run smoothly. So, if you're in Seattle, Washington or the surrounding Puget Sound area and in need of appliance repair services, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Yes, we offer appliance repair services for gas appliances like gas ovens and gas dryers.

Nortech TV & Appliance Repair is fully equipped and certified to service gas appliances. Our repair service technicians are trained to handle the unique challenges associated with gas appliances, ensuring that the repair is done safely and effectively. A gas appliance can pose potential risks if not serviced correctly, but rest assured that our appliance repair team adheres to stringent safety protocols to safeguard your home and your appliance. So whether you have a gas oven that isn't heating properly, or a gas dryer that's not drying your clothes, our repair service team can diagnose and repair the issue promptly. Always remember, if you suspect a gas leak, it’s important to evacuate the premises and contact your gas company immediately.

Common signs that your appliance may need repair vary, but there are some universal indicators to watch out for. Appliances not heating or freezing correctly could signify a thermostat issue or a more serious internal problem. Unusual noises are often a sign of mechanical issues; for example, a refrigerator making loud or strange sounds could indicate a problem with the compressor or fan. The most glaring sign is when an appliance fails to turn on or run. This could point to an electrical problem or a malfunctioning switch. Other subtle signs could be unexplained increases in energy bills or even a change in the taste or smell of food stored in appliances like refrigerators. Remember, prompt attention to these signs can prevent further damage and save you from the cost of replacing the entire appliance.

Yes, we repair a variety of appliances, including coolers and freezers. We understand how integral coolers and freezers are to preserving the quality of your food and beverages. That's why we offer dedicated appliance repair service for these units, attending to problems ranging from temperature inconsistencies, noise issues, to difficulties with the door seal. When your wine cooler is not maintaining the optimal temperature, it could affect the aging process and taste of your wine. Similarly, issues with your freezer not only pose risks to food safety but can also lead to increased energy consumption. Whether it's a dual-zone wine cooler malfunctioning, or a walk-in freezer not freezing properly, you can rely on Nortech TV & Appliance Repair for professional appliance repair services.

Yes, all our appliance service technicians are licensed and highly skilled in appliance repairs.

Yes, at Nortech TV & Appliance Repair we repair both electric and gas washers and dryers.

Yes, Nortech TV & Appliance Repair technicians are certified to repair Viking appliances and will provide appliance service in Seattle and the surrounding areas. Our appliance service technicians have experience working with a variety of Viking models. Give us a call today to learn more about our Viking appliance repair services.

Yes, at Nortech TV & Appliance Repair our service technicians have the knowledge and experience to repair most older appliance models. Despite the age or model of your appliance, our repair service technicians are adept at handling a vast array of appliance repairs. Their knowledge and experience allows them to repair most older appliance models, ensuring no appliance is left out of our scope. With us, you can be assured that your appliances, old or new, are in capable hands.

Nortech TV & Appliance Repair is highly rated for our exceptional appliance service, knowledgeable service technicians, and timely appointments.

Our standing among Seattle appliance repair companies is highly regarded, as evidenced by our numerous positive customer reviews and testimonials. We have a proven track record of delivering exceptional appliance service, with a commitment to punctuality and professionalism. We understand how disruptive appliance repair issues can be and we aim to resolve them as efficiently and effectively as possible.

As a testament to our appliances service quality, our customers have left us numerous positive reviews across multiple platforms. These reviews speak volumes about the satisfaction of our customers and the trust they place in our appliance services. We are proud of the reputation we have built over the years and are committed to upholding these high standards in the future.

A Nortech TV & Appliance Repair service technician will arrive with the tools and parts needed to diagnose and repair the issue. They will explain the problem with your appliance and provide an estimate before starting any work.

Yes, at Nortech TV & Appliance Repair we repair a wide range of kitchen appliances, from refrigerators, freezers, to cooktops, and ovens.

Yes, Nortech TV & Appliance Repair provides refrigerator repairs, and we can diagnose and repair common refrigerator issues like not cooling properly or broken ice makers..

Yes, Nortech TV & Appliance Repair services all types of washing machines, no matter the brand or model.

Yes, at Nortech TV & Appliance Repair we offer both residential and commercial appliance repair service throughout Seattle and the surrounding areas

No, at Nortech TV & Appliance Repair we provide clear, upfront pricing and always communicate any potential costs before starting any appliance repairs.

Yes, we repair a variety of Samsung appliances, including refrigerator repair, washing machines, and dryer repair.

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair we are committed to delivering exceptional appliance service, from our knowledgeable and professional appliance service technicians to our fast and efficient repairs. We service a wide range of appliance brands and always strive to get your appliances running again as soon as possible.

The cost for refrigerator repair service in Seattle can vary depending on the exact issue and the parts required to repair it. However, we strive to provide competitive and affordable pricing for all our customers. Before beginning any appliance repair work, our service technicians diagnose the problem and provide a clear price estimate. This way, there are no surprises when it comes to the cost of your appliance repair.

The cost of appliance repair in Seattle, or any other location, can vary significantly depending on various factors. First, the appliance brand and model of the appliance play a significant role. High-end appliance brands or models often have parts that are more expensive or harder to source, which can increase the cost of repair. Second, the complexity of the issue is another crucial factor. Simple repairs, like replacing a fuse or thermostat, might be relatively inexpensive. However, more complex problems, such as a malfunctioning motor or compressor, require more labor and possibly more expensive parts, which would increase the appliance repair cost.

The decision to repair an old washer or buy a new one can depend on several factors, such as the age of your appliance, the cost of a new washer, and the cost of the repair service. Typically, if the cost of the repair is less than 50% of the cost of a new appliance, it might be more economical to repair the old one.

Yes, at Nortech TV & Appliance Repair we understand that appliance failures don't always happen during convenient hours. We offer appliance service on weekends and holidays for your convenience.

No, we are primarily an appliance service provider and do not sell appliance parts. However, our service technicians come equipped with all necessary parts for common appliance repairs.

Yes, at Nortech TV & Appliance Repair you can schedule an appointment through our website or by giving us a call.

Yes, we specialize in repairing high-end appliances from brands such as Sub-Zero, Thermador, Viking, BlueStar, and more.

The duration of the appliance repair depends on the complexity of the issue. However, our goal is to complete most appliance repairs on the same day of the appliance service call.

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair our primary service area is Seattle, Washington, but we also serve the surrounding Puget Sound area.

Yes, we provide a warranty on all appliance parts used in our repairs, ensuring peace of mind for our customers.

Yes, at Nortech TV & Appliance Repair we repair both gas and electric major appliance brands.

We accept various payment methods including cash, check, and major credit cards.

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, our service technicians will diagnose the issue and if they determine that the cost of repair your appliance exceeds the value of the appliance, they will advise you accordingly. We aim to provide honest, reliable advice to help you make the best decision.

Do you need your freezer, refrigerator, or dishwasher repair? Contact us today for the best appliance service!

Nortech TV & Appliance Repair – Your Trusted Appliance Repair Service in Seattle, Washington

Your home appliances are the unsung heroes of your household. From keeping your clothes clean and your food cold to making cooking a breeze, they play an integral role in your daily life. However, when they malfunction or stop working altogether, it can throw your whole routine off balance. That’s where are Seattle appliance repair service comes in.

Certified Appliance Repair Technicians

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, we understand how essential your home appliances, like your dishwasher or refrigerator, are to your everyday life. Our Seattle appliance service team of experienced and certified appliance repair technicians is dedicated to providing fast, efficient, and reliable repair services to get your appliances up and running as quickly as possible. We specialize in fixing a wide range of appliances, including refrigerator repair, washing machine service, oven repairs, dishwasher repair, and more in the Seattle area.

Quality Appliance Repair Service

Not only do we excel in repairing your malfunctioning appliances, but we also believe in educating our customers about the best practices for appliance service and maintenance, helping to prevent future repairs. With our affordable rates, exceptional customer service, and commitment to quality, we aim to be your first choice for appliance repair service in Seattle, Washington.

Expert Repair Technicians Have the Knowledge and Experience

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, we understand how important your appliances are. We offer top-notch appliance repair service in Seattle, WA, and the wider Puget Sound area, ensuring that your household runs smoothly again in no time. Whether it’s a refrigerator repair, or dishwasher repair our expert appliance repair technicians have the knowledge and experience to get them up and running again quickly and efficiently.

Continuous Training

In order to offer you the most comprehensive appliances service, our repair technicians at Nortech TV & Appliance Repair undergo continuous training in the latest appliance technologies and repair methods. This ensures that whether you have a top-of-the-line, smart-enabled refrigerator or a classic, heavy-duty washing machine, our appliance technicians are well-equipped to handle the issue.

Emergency Seattle Appliance Service

We understand that an appliance malfunction often happen at the most inconvenient times. That’s why we make our Seattle appliance services available to you around the clock, seven days a week. If your need a refrigerator repair fast, you can count on us to be there when you need a repair the most, and to do our utmost to minimize the disruption to your daily routine.

Household Appliance Service – Refrigerators, Freezers, Dishwasher Repair & More

Finally, we take great pride in the relationships we build with our customers. We know that inviting us into your home requires trust, and we work diligently to earn and maintain that trust with every interaction. Transparency, respect, and open communication are the cornerstones of how we operate. We keep you informed throughout the appliance repair process, and we always ensure your complete satisfaction before considering any job completed.

Customer-focused Appliance Service

With a combination of technical expertise, customer-focused Seattle appliance service, and a deep understanding of the importance of home appliances, Nortech TV & Appliance Repair is your reliable partner for all your appliance repair needs in Seattle, Washington.

Why Choose Nortech TV & Appliance Repair?

With years of experience under our belt, we’ve seen and fixed it all. From Samsung to Sub-Zero, Bosch to BlueStar, we service and repair a wide range of appliance brands, including Maytag, Viking, Frigidaire, KitchenAid, Fisher & Paykel, LG, GE, Wolf, Dacor, JennAir, Thermador, Kenmore, Miele, and more. Our appliance repair Seattle team is highly trained and knowledgeable about all major appliances, so you can trust us to diagnose and fix any problem accurately and efficiently.

Additionally, our Seattle appliance service support team is always ready to answer your questions and provide the information you need about our service. We believe in clear communication and transparency in terms of pricing. That’s why we offer competitive prices for appliance repairs with no hidden costs. We provide a detailed estimate before we start any work, so you know exactly what to expect.

Exceptional Customer Service Experience

Apart from our excellent appliance repair services and competitive prices, we also focus on delivering exceptional customer experience. We understand how disruptive it can be to have a malfunctioning appliance in your home, which is why we strive to provide swift and efficient appliance service Seattle. From the moment you get in touch with us, our friendly and professional appliance repair team will work tirelessly to ensure your needs are met.

Appliance Education and Training

We also prioritize continued education and training for our Seattle appliance service technicians. This means they’re regularly updated on the latest appliance technology and repair methods for various brands and models. So, whether your appliance is, a decade old, or a new high-tech model, you can rest assured that our Seattle appliance repair team has the skills and knowledge to service it.

Home Appliance Repairs, we’ll fix your fridge, gas oven, stove, freezer, and more.

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, we genuinely care about our customers and their needs. We aim to minimize the inconvenience caused by a broken appliances and ensure your daily routine gets back on track as quickly as possible. Trust us to deliver quality, reliability, and unparalleled customer service.

Fast, Professional Major Appliance Service

We also understand that appliance breakdowns can happen at the most inconvenient times. That’s why we offer emergency appliance service for those unexpected appliance failures. Our service technicians are always ready to provide quick and efficient service to get your appliances back to work as soon as possible.

Customer Support Excellence

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the appliance repair service itself. We are dedicated to fostering a relationship of trust and transparency with our Seattle clients. This includes keeping you informed every step of the way, outlining the work that needs to be done, the parts required, and the cost involved, all before commencing work.

Experience the Nortech TV & Appliance Repair difference today. Allow us to become your trusted partner in appliance service and repair, assuring you of a stress-free, satisfactory service every time.
Our Services

From refrigerator repair to washer repair, dishwasher repair to oven and cooktop repair, we offer a wide range of Seattle area appliance repair services. We can fix everything from your clothes dryer to your wine coolers, gas ovens, and repair freezers. No matter the issue or the brand, our expert service technicians have the skills to get your appliances repaired and running again.

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, we pride ourselves on the breadth of our appliance repair services. Whether it’s a stubborn refrigerator refusing to keep your food cold, a dishwasher that leaves your dishes unclean, or an oven that’s simply lost its heat, we are equipped to tackle the appliance issue head-on.

Appliance repair expertise

Our appliance repair expertise extends beyond typical household appliances. Specialized items such as wine coolers, gas ovens, and freezers are also well within our range. We understand the unique challenges these appliances pose and have the necessary technical knowledge to service and repair them.

We are well-equipped to repair it

The diversity of brands we service and repair is equally impressive. We believe that effective appliances repair hinges on a deep understanding of each brand’s distinctive features and quirks. To this end, our Seattle appliance service technicians undergo regular training to stay updated on every major brand in the market, ensuring that no matter what appliance you own, we’re well-equipped to repair it.

Remember, an appliance in distress doesn’t have to spell disaster. With Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, you’re just one call away from a fast, efficient, and lasting solution.

Get your appliances back in top shape.

Whether it’s your washing machine that’s not cleaning your clothes properly, your refrigerator that’s not cooling enough, or your oven that’s not heating up, we have the knowledge and experience to diagnose the problem and service it right the first time.

Seattle Appliance Service

Our commitment to excellent appliance service extends to every aspect of our Seattle appliance service business. From the moment you call us to schedule an appliance repair, you’re in the hands of professionals who genuinely care about getting your appliances back in top shape. Our customer service team is friendly and responsive, ensuring that your concerns are heard and addressed promptly.

Knowledge of Appliances

But our commitment doesn’t stop at just fixing your household appliance. We also believe in empowering our customers with the knowledge to understand their appliances better and prevent future issues. Our Seattle appliance repair technicians take the time to explain the problem, discuss the required repairs, and provide tips on how to maintain your appliances effectively.

For service your just a call away

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, you’re not just getting a quick fix. You’re gaining a reliable partner who’s committed to keeping your home running smoothly. So, the next time your appliance acts up, remember – we’re just a call away.

Serving Seattle and Surrounding Areas

As a locally owned and operated appliance repair business, we’re proud to serve the Seattle area and the wider Puget Sound region. Our repair service team is dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our customers in Seattle, Washington, and the surrounding areas.

Brand of your appliance

Our service is not limited by the type or brand of your appliance. We have a vast experience in repairing appliances from all the leading brands including, but not limited to, Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Maytag, and GE. Our appliance service technicians undergo regular training to stay updated with the latest advancements and technologies in appliances.

Complete repairs in a single visit

We strive to provide prompt and efficient appliance repair service. We offer same-day service whenever possible and always aim to complete repairs in a single visit, ensuring minimal disruption to your day. We’ll provide you with a detailed estimate before starting any repair work, so there are no surprises when the bill comes.

Custom satisfaction is our top priority

So, whether it’s a leaking dishwasher, a noisy dryer, or a malfunctioning stove, remember Nortech TV & Appliance Repair. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we won’t rest until your appliance is functioning perfectly again. We’re ready to serve you in Seattle and surrounding areas, providing reliable, professional, and affordable appliance repair service.

Our Services Include

BlueStar Appliance Repair

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, we’re honored to be authorized service providers for BlueStar appliances. We understand the intricacies of these high-quality, chef-grade appliances and are equipped to handle any repairs you may need. From ranges and ovens to refrigerators and dishwashers, we have the technical expertise to troubleshoot issues and restore your BlueStar appliances to optimal functionality. We utilize original BlueStar parts for all our repairs, ensuring your appliances perform at their peak and maintain their longevity. Trust us with your BlueStar appliance repair – we’ll ensure they continue to support your culinary adventures with outstanding performance.

Samsung Appliance Repair

We are pleased to offer comprehensive repair services for all Samsung appliances at Nortech TV & Appliance Repair. Recognized for our technical expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide reliable solutions for your Samsung washers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and more. Our professionals are thoroughly trained in the latest Samsung technologies and products, ensuring they can quickly diagnose and resolve any issue. We use only original Samsung parts in all our repairs, guaranteeing your appliances’ longevity and optimal performance. Don’t let a malfunctioning Samsung appliance disrupt your day, contact us for exceptional Samsung appliance repair service.

LG Appliance Repair

At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, we are delighted to extend our expert repair services to include LG appliances. As a brand synonymous with innovation and quality, LG appliances require the skill and precision that our team consistently delivers. Whether it’s an LG refrigerator, washer, dryer, oven, or dishwasher, our technicians are trained to diagnose and resolve any issues swiftly and efficiently. We exclusively use original LG parts in our repairs, ensuring durability and sustained performance of your appliances. Don’t let an underperforming LG appliance cause inconvenience, reach out to us for top-tier LG appliance repair service.

Kenmore Appliance Repair

We’re proud to announce that Nortech TV & Appliance Repair also specializes in Kenmore appliance repair. Kenmore is a brand well-recognized for reliability and long-lasting durability, and we’re equipped to handle their entire range of products, from refrigerators to ovens, washers to dryers. Our technicians receive ongoing training on the latest Kenmore appliances and technology, enabling them to swiftly diagnose and fix any issues. We stand by the high quality of our work and only use original Kenmore parts in all our repairs to ensure the longevity and peak performance of your appliances. Don’t let a faulty Kenmore appliance interrupt your routine, call us for unrivaled Kenmore appliance repair service.

KitchenAid Appliance Repair

We are excited to announce that our expert repair services at Nortech TV & Appliance Repair now include KitchenAid appliances. KitchenAid, a brand synonymous with gourmet kitchens and high-quality appliances, deserves a service to match. We offer professional repair services for all KitchenAid appliances, be it a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, or any other product in their lineup. Our technicians have undergone extensive training to master the nuances of KitchenAid technology and deliver effective solutions for any problem that may arise. We only use original KitchenAid parts for repairs, ensuring your appliances enjoy extended durability and optimum performance. Don’t let a malfunctioning KitchenAid appliance disrupt your culinary passion, contact us for superior KitchenAid appliance repair service.

Thermador Appliance Repair

We are thrilled to extend our broad range of repair services at Nortech TV & Appliance Repair to include Thermador appliances. Thermador, a brand renowned for advanced technology and stylish design, requires an equally exceptional service. We provide top-notch repair solutions for all Thermador appliances, whether it’s your refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, or any other appliance in their impressive lineup. Our team of technicians has received comprehensive training to understand the intricacies of Thermador technology, equipping them with the expertise to resolve any issues efficiently. We strictly use original Thermador parts in all our repair services, ensuring your appliance’s longevity and optimal performance. A malfunctioning Thermador appliance doesn’t have to put a damper on your day – rely on us for unmatched Thermador appliance repair service.

Seattle Appliances Repair – Book Your Appointment Today

Don’t let a broken appliance disrupt your routine. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment. Our professional and friendly service team is ready to provide the high-quality appliance repair service you deserve. At Nortech TV & Appliance Repair, we’re committed to getting your appliances—and your life—back on track.