Problems With A Commercial Refrigerator

If you own a commercial refrigerator, then you would always want to make sure that it is up and running. Such an appliance is always a big investment, whether in your restaurant, or whatever business you run, and you cannot afford for it to be down, even for a minute. But some things happened unplanned and are above your control, such as noticing that the refrigerator is no longer functioning like you would prefer it to. There are so many reasons that could be associated with the inability for your refrigerator to function properly, but, whatever it is, you may have to readily call in a company or professionals that handle commercial refrigeration repair. The issue might look like something you can readily handle, but it may overwhelm you in the long run.
Some of the common problems your commercial refrigerator may face include

1. Inability to maintain a regular temperature

The reason why you have a refrigeration unit is to keep food cold. Now, this does not mean that you constantly want it to be ice cold, but you would always need it to be a particular temperature. When you notice that the refrigerator can no longer maintain a temperature, especially when you want the things in it to be ice-cold, then there is a problem, and it needs repairs as soon as possible.

2. Power Supply Problems

The issue may also be that the power is not being supplied to the refrigeration unit. This could be because of internal problems, that is the issue is in the refrigeration unit, such as melted wires caused by overheating, or it has to do with the plug unit. Whatever it is, if you do not know for sure, leave it to professionals so that they can provide a swift fix to it.

3. Unusual Noises

Your refrigeration unit may be functioning fine, but you would still hear some very unusual noises, especially if it’s just started operation. It is something you may have to look at as it may signal an issue you cannot readily detect at the moment, and if left unattended to, can result in something bigger.

4. Compressor Problems

The refrigerator compressor is what enables it to keep things cool. Yours may be faulty and in dire need of repair or replacement. It would be necessary to call in a commercial refrigeration repair company.

5. Leakage

Are you noticing a pool of water on the floor where the refrigerator is? That could be a serious problem, as the cool air may be escaping. Also, the pooled water could interfere with the wirings around the refrigerator, and cause a bridge, or even a fire.

6. Evaporator Fan

It is necessary to make sure that the evaporator fan is running every time. Failure of the evaporator fan can lead to problems like ice pack up, or your refrigerator may freeze up unnecessarily. You would need to either fix or completely change the fan in the case of a problem.

You do not have to go out of business because of a faulty refrigeration unit. Simply fixing it, and doing it fast can save you a lot. Call in professionals in commercial refrigeration repair whenever you detect or notice a problem so it can be swiftly fixed.

When problems come up with your commercial equipment, it can not only be costly in terms of lost business, but also a big inconvenience. Fortunately, we make appliance repair simple and fast. Call us to set an appointment today.

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